On 2-08-2017, in protest of “commercialization of education”

On 2-08-2017, in protest against the “commercialization of education” by the International Hindu Army led by Prakash Rajput, they sat in a symbolic fast at the District Collectorate, Ahmedabad. Prakash Rajput led a public trial against the forcible demolition of houses and slums by the builders against which Prakash Rajput was detained and a police FIR was also registered. Scanned with CamScarrier Was named Janata Memo which is given to the government. Memo is given by the government till now but for the first time Janata Memo was given under the leadership of Prakash Rajput. Prakash Rajput He works for justice for the underprivileged and victims, as well as for free education and medical treatment. And trust me, people will support him.